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Bare Naked Bravery is a weekly podcast exposing the threads of heroism stitching together the stories we admire most.

Every episode holds conversations that unclothe the fears befriended (or banished) along our stories of bravery, quiet heroism, and all-out gutsy-ness. Some episodes will open the (sometimes) Pandora's box of constraints and dream-crushing realities. 

Every week we talk with the authors, musicians, artists, business owners, and other professionals who courageously pour themselves into their work. Every guest will flaunt the obstacles battled and the bravery required for their quiet victories and loud failures. 

Note: This podcast is not necessarily a "Tell us about your book/album/etc." show. It's for folks with a story of bravery and sometimes I ask really personal questions. Yes, there is an opportunity at the end of the show to promote a guest's goods/services, but that won't be the entirety of the interview.

I like to feature a "freebie" in each episode. Usually this is a downloadable .pdf with a "Top 10" list, upon which we can put a link to your free chapter/.mp3/etc. If you have any ideas for this, please mention it in your application.

My hope is that by listening to others search for and find their bravery, we will find our own. For that is what we need most: to know we are not alone.

I would love to consider you or your hero's bare naked bravery for the show.

Fill out the application below to put yourself on the list of Our Dream Guests.

with mettle and moxie,

Emily Ann Peterson 

(host of the podcast, Bare Naked Bravery)