You know that one thing you're scared sh*tless to do?

Here's your chance to GO for it!


I double-dog dare you! 

No, really.

That's the whole point...


The Bare Naked Bravery Challenge


Join the rest of the Bare Naked Bravery community in a 5-day exploration of bravery!

You'll learn...

  • How to squeeze the sweetness out of fear so your life, your business, your creativity (and you) can become what you were put on this earth to do!
  • The safest ways to apply the 3 forms of bravery to any scary feat, so a panic attack doesn't happen from just thinking about it.
  • Which heroes are currently on the "Crush List" according to the Bare Naked Bravery community. 

Here's how it'll work...

Upon registration, you'll receive your preliminary steps to make sure you're ready to go when we start the next challenge. Then during the week of the challenge, I'll email a small daily assignment geared towards exploring bravery in that area. You'll need to carve out no more than 15 minutes each day. We'll be posting our progress, questions, and results in the BNB Facebook group!