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Unfinished Project Workshop (FREE)

Are you a Creative Misfit with an Unfinished Project?

Join me for a Free Live Coaching Call!

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btw, you're not alone.

There are hundreds and thousands of us creative misfits who have unfinished projects collecting dust in our metaphorical or literal garages. Some of these projects have gotten so stagnant that I could write my name with my finger on them.

Eww. gross.



Be Brave: Turn Your Unfinished Projects into FINISHED

Wednesday August 30th

5pm PST / 8pm EST


As a professional musician, singer-songwriter and host of the podcast Bare Naked Bravery, I've interviewed SO MANY creatives just like you and me. They can't seem to get enough _______ to shake themselves of the ________ that's keeping that project from seeing the light of day. (Fill in the blanks with your own valid excuses.) 

So we're going to take an hour to get to the bottom of why your unfinished projects are still unfinished. Bring one or your whole laundry list of unfinished projects to this live online coaching call and learn 3 ways you can get them conquered!

In celebration of the GUTS class registration week, Emily Ann Peterson is doing a hot-seat style coaching call by taking 10 minutes each with 3-5 attendees to address their unique project's situation. There will not be a recording sent out, so you'll want to attend live!

Everyone will learn heaps and heaps from this call!