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From Standstill to Stand Out in 6 Weeks

Use one of your (perhaps many) unfinished projects as a sandbox for infusing Bravery into your career, art & life. Join a group of fellow creative misfits for 6 weeks in this live online class to bring one unfinished project from start to shine.



This Class is ONLY for creative misfits who...

  • want a sustainable & satisfying career 
  • want to contribute valuable, meaning, depth via their work/art/offerings
  • are fed up with just scraping by month after month
  • hate using snobbery and comparison to feel superior/inferior to their colleagues
  • are not satisfied with making art/songs/[fill in the blank] that no one else will ever see or enjoy
  • are intimately familiar with the paralyzation of anxiety from putting something worthwhile out into the world

Is that you?

The Problem:

Creative Misfits often...

  • have trouble fully owning their "inner-rebel."
  • Even if they did, they wouldn't know how to operate their career afterwards.
  • They want to "belong" but HATE the feeling of squeezing into a box.
  • They feel alone in their industry because of how different they are.

These feelings cause...

  • Deaf-Ear Syndrome: occurs when no one is listening or the wrong ones aren't hearing what you're saying.
  • Trigger Avoidance: aka procrastination, sloth-like progress & growth.
  • Idea Hoarding: having a ton of really great ideas, but never launching, revealing, or following through with them.
  • Bashful Self-Promotion: missing or avoiding career-making opportunities for exposure, networking, etc.
  • Inauthentic Marketing: Wherein you feel like a total sleaze-ball or a freeze-dried version of yourself.

Ultimately this causes...

  • Nonexistent Budgets: from no one buying your work/art/services/products
  • Starving Artist Syndrome: see above
  • Big Break Letdowns: from not recognizing a big break when it shows up. 
  • Jaded Snobbery: from over analyzing the success of others and comparing it to failures.
  • Unfulfilling Work: from trying to squeeze into boxes that you don't belong
  • "Shoulding All Over Yourself": from hoarding ideas and collecting a long list of things you should be doing
  • Burnout & Major Overwhelm: see above

The Solution?

Guts: an online group class for creative misfits

You'll spend 6-weeks applying the basics of bravery to one (of your perhaps many) unfinished projects collecting dust on your shelf. Together as a class we'll apply these ingredients to your project. You'll learn how to put your work "out there" in a way that doesn't make you want to hurl up your breakfast.

With accountability from fellow classmates and mentor-based instruction from Emily Ann Peterson, each GUTS student will take a single unfinished project (product, piece of art, business feature, etc.) and move it from standstill to stand-out.

Here's What We'll Cover...

Each live class includes a training with Emily Ann Peterson, "hot seat" group coaching, and mini-dance party. Each class is recorded and replays are available for all registered students.



Unwrap Your Honest Expression

Make world-changing work without selling your soul. Find your voice so that you don't have to feel like a total flake and imposter. Use the raw version of your creativity to truly connect with your audience (whoever that is) so they leave with a truly authentic picture of who you and they are as a result of your creativity.

  • Stop fighting the feeling of being fake or "corporate fluff 'n stuff." 
  • Create from a place of authenticity, every time.

Know Your Risk & Its Rewards

Bring your sense of safety with you, outside your comfort zone. (Crazy thought, huh?!) Grow, change, expand your creativity without all the nonsense that fear plays in the decision-making process.

  • Regain your ability to "walk away from the deal."
  • Turn up the volume on your creative confidence.
  • Learn precisely how and when to leave your comfort zone.

Calibrate Your Vision of Possibility

Infuse your unique "wow factor" into your creativity by increasing your vision of possibility. You'll be able to create things you/your colleagues/your family/friends/fans would've never been able to fathom.

  • Learn to focus on the clear and tangible goals aimed at growth and expansion of your creativity.
  • Stop feeling like or fearing that you're boring or just "oh, cool."
  • Infuse awe into every single bit of your creativity and courage.

Empower Your Inner Bulldog & Rebel

Blow through your creative obstacles with abandon even (and especially) if those obstacles are your own skepticism and fear. Build your defiant expectation to change the standards and tear down the expectations of your creativity.

  • Build your defiant expectation to follow through with your plans and goals.
  • Amplify your inner-bulldog so you can change the standards and tear down the expectations of your creativity.

Build Your Resilience to Rejection

Know what to do in the face of failure, rejection, and criticism by learning to befriend you challenges (both internal and environmental.) This will give you the power to move through those obstacles you've been dreading. This resilience is the buzz of the creative high we all crave. It makes you feel alive, rejuvenated, and powerful in spite of your creative challenges.

  • Bounce back after any rejection, big or small
  • Build contingency plans for moments of second-guessing yourself
  • Make a Crisis Toolkit for your creativity.

Unleash Your Creative Sixth Sense

Regain your power of action by plugging into your gut-level sense of knowing and intuition. This is a creative's secret power, their intuition.

  • Enforce, empower, and get equipped with the sixth sense that only can be explained by supernatural elements of creativity.
  • Put your power of choice within reach, always ready to go and know what to do next time you've found yourself powerless in "victim mode." 
  • You'll have the hutzpah to move forward and the freedom in the face of constraining environments. 

Limited Space!

Each class has a maximum of 15 students!

3 payment options...

1 payment of $267.00

2 payments of $134.00

4 payments of $67.00

Online Class includes...

  • 6 live online class lessons
  • 6 hot-seat coaching sessions 
  • 1 private coaching call with Emily Ann
  • Lifetime access to class materials & replays
  • Accountability Community via Slack Group  

Bonus Resources

  • Class: The Basics of Bravery - 12 Ingredients for Creative Courage
  • 1-on-1 Unlimited Mentorship with Emily Ann via Slack Group

Ideal Students for this Class...

  • hobby, professional, & prodigal creatives
  • who can invest 2-3 hours each week
  • who want to make bravery feel easier
  • who crave that "buzz" from creativity

About Your Instructor

Host of the top-rated Apple podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, Emily Ann Peterson uses constraints like a machete and fear like a lawn mower. She knows a belly laugh is required for survival and is no stranger to life on the limb. 

In 2013 she was diagnosed with an Essential Tremor in her right hand which forever altered her livelihood as a cellist/cello teacher. This degenerative neurological disease opened her life's love of expression into wider mediums, specifically songwriting and writing.

She creates Resonance with a capital "R" for people who crave all things beautiful, strong, sacred, and sensual. She writes for people who struggle to remember what hope feels like and sings to those who yearn for something secret. She speaks to those who are done being bored and are really into creativity.

Students are saying...

Bravery begins one step at a time.

Bravery has many faces.  It peeks out from under the covers of circumstances and wants to be seen, but fear chokes out our brave parts.  Fear grabs us by the heart and mind and tells us lies that are easily believed. It’s a blanket that wraps itself around us and holds on tightly.  Fear won’t let bravery shine.  

Sometimes we need help to pull away the covering of fear and find the courage to be brave and sometimes that help is a person: Emily Ann is that one.

Bravery begins one step at a time.  As it's given the soil of courage and understanding, bravery blooms inside us and becomes large enough to walk under.  I needed help to do that, and if you do too, this is the place to start. You can discover the gift hiding inside you just waiting to be uncovered.

Bravery can be learned.  Here’s a chance to discover how.  

~ Janet Haney, author & business owner


I knew I was out of the woods!

Finding your voice is not an easy thing. Self-promotion is even stickier. Put the two together and, if you're like me, you've created the perfect storm of overwhelm. Emily has rock-solid understanding of all things self promotion, as well as an uncanny ability to break down even the most intimidating hurdles into manageable action items. Thirty minutes with Emily Ann literally turned months of disheartened procrastination regarding my own website on its heels. When Emily Ann heard my excuses and then said "Let's just get this done!" I knew I was out of the woods!

Emily Ann is a straight-talker with a smile. If I am working with someone, I don't want to just get sweet talked. I want someone who is insightful AND unflinchingly honest, even if it means calling me out on my own self-sabotage - whether it's denial, procrastination or emotional roadblocks. I know that I can count on Emily Ann to tell it to me straight. And usually she smiles while she does this, which of course means I don't even catch on at first to how she is totally calling me out. I love this. This makes me get to the heart of the matter so much more quickly, whether it's honing in on the goals of a project or trying hard to see something through to the end. If I need a hand zeroing in on a goal or needing a plan as to how to break down a project into manageable action items, I call Emily Ann.

~Mandy Troxel, singer-songwriter



What kind of project will I need for this class? This is why each student receives a 60-min private coaching session before starting week 1 with the rest of the class. Together, you'll pick a project that is manageable for the next 6 weeks. Here's a list of some good projects we've seen:

  • finish a huge mural & reveal it with a champagne party with close friends
  • create & test a system/process to repeatedly create all the things forever and ever, amen
  • put together that one workshop idea and get it booked
  • explore the ins & outs of live video on social media
  • promote your next big show with all the publicity you can learn & muster
  • dream up and finally get rolling with your fantasy day-job
  • record and release a small album of demos

How many hours each week will this class take? This will depend upon your project and your daily responsibilities. Time management is part of the skills you'll be acquiring and sharpening in this course. It's also why we start with the dream & scheme modules, to align those dreams with your realistic constraints. 

What kind of technology does this class require? You'll need a laptop or desktop with the free Zoom app available at, a pair of headphones or earbuds, and a free Slack account.

Why a Slack group instead of a Facebook group? Ahh... For a lot of us creatives, Facebook is either 1) a huge distraction from getting real work done or 2) a triggering environment for comparison and overwhelm. We use Slack because it's easy to turn off/on notifications, plus it's easily accessible from either your browser, desktop app, or mobile app. This is the tool we use for unlimited coaching with Emily Ann and to communicate with each other in between class times. If you're new to Slack, don't worry! Emily Ann has recorded a Slack video tutorial just for this class!

I really need this class, but finances are soooo tight... We get it. It's a catch-22. You need money to take the class to help you make the money. If you're in financial need, there is a partial scholarship application and a secret link for an 8-payment option ($35/month.) Send Emily Ann an email to receive either of these: She's really nice and completely understands, especially this. Banish "Starving Artist Syndrome" is the main reason why the class exists - so you don't have to scrape the bottom of the barrel forever!

Is it recorded? Can I rewatch the classes? Yep! All the lectures and hot seat coaching sessions are recorded. We know how valuable it is to be able to rewatch yourself and re-hear these concepts. We highly encourage live attendance, but should an emergency come up and you won't be able to attend the class, you can at least watch the replay. (Live attendance is where all the good stuff happens!)




Your TRUE creativity is calling...

3 payment options...

1 payment of $267.00

2 payments of $134.00

4 payments of $67.00