081: How to Manage Stress & Expectations as an Entrepreneur with BENJAMIN DELL


Anybody who has ever done something new for the first time will tell you it's a bit stressful. Ask any entrepreneur how their stress-life is and they'll most likely tell you they're hanging by a thread or really overwhelmed orin some cases they'll look like the stress gives them a high that only illegal substances could explain. ha!

I say that from experience, because I've been all versions of stress management as an entrepreneur. I've poorly handled my stress and especially after the diagnosis of my hand tremor, I've learned how crucial it is to manage this stress wisely.

But where does this stress come from? Well, Benjamin Dell, founder and CEO at Missinglettr.com (a social marketing automation company that automatically creates 12 months worth of social content for each blog post you publish) is here with us today to chat briefly about just that.

Part of that stress comes from sustaining high levels of defiant expectation for seemingly impossible things. Since this month's theme in The School of Bravery and on our podcast Defiant Expectation, I'm so pumped to discuss this subject with someone who so blatantly possesses it.

Ben previously owned a web agency in the UK for over 10 years. During this time he also launched a number of SaaS tech startups (two of which were acquired). It's clear to me, especially from our conversation with him today, that Benjamin is passionate about empowering businesses and brands with tools that help them succeed.

Defiant expectation is one of those tools, so without further ado, I give you Benjamin Dell!


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I'm looking forward to being with you next week. We have some great things in store for you!

Until then I have one message for you. It's this:

Be yourself. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Because the world needs more of your Bare Naked Bravery.