Tools For Your Bravery


Us creatives really know how to make a mess of things -- a BEAUTIFUL MESS! And every creative knows how important it is to have the right tools to do what we want to accomplish. Here are our favorite tools of the Bare Naked Bravery community!


Trello is our go-to place to put ideas, organize to-do items, and relish in the beauty of creating content! It's how we create the podcast and do our quarterly reviews! 


Ah, the Simplero life of a business owner and creative! All our emailing, contact organization, course creation, ticket sales, product sales is done via the well-oiled machine that is this small but ever-so-mighty Danish company. 


We use Slack for the following reasons...

- sometimes when you're trying to get a project completed you don't need to send a flurry of emails.

- when you're talking with a group of people, slack is way better than a group text.

- having group conversation away from the distractions of social media gets some serious sh*t done.